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Security Cameras Review

Why Buy a Home Surveillance System?

Being the victim of a break-in at your home is a violating experience. Even if it's a simple theft, when a stranger breaks into your home and sanctuary, it is completely distressing. Families and companies around the world have the option to protect their homes and offices with monitoring and security systems. People buy security cameras not only as a defense to protect their homes and capture criminals in the act, but also as a security offensive. Sometimes a sticker saying the home is protected may not be enough deterrent, but surveillance cameras inside and outside the house show that you are serious.

Several services offer security cameras that can be self-installed. You can customize the camera placement and add more if you feel that it's necessary. We know that a home security system is a sensitive purchase that requires plenty of research to find the right fit for your needs. The choices for cameras can also be overwhelming. Your choices range from outdoor dome cameras and bullet home surveillance cameras to indoor IP hidden cameras and more.

This review will compare the best security cameras available as part of a home monitoring service. To help you do your research and find the best way to protect your family or business, we recommend cameras from Frontpoint, Vivint and LiveWatch. Also, check out our articles on security cameras for more information about finding the best home surveillance system.

Home Security Cameras: What to Look For

Security Cameras have become very streamlined. If a particular feature is a major selling point, the rest of the industry adopts it in order to compete. These cameras have very similar features, so we also evaluated the quality of the services they come packaged with to help us rank them. Many of these services set up protection and equipment for you, while others allow you to customize your service based on your needs and protection expectations. We used the following criteria to judge which cameras and services rank the highest.

Camera Features
The individual home security cameras included in these residential security systems include a basic set of essential features, incorporating color with black-and-white recording functions, infrared LEDs for night vision monitoring and motion sensors for selective recording. A high-resolution Wi-Fi security camera will give the best picture quality, helping you to identify critical details on the video feed. Whether you're protecting your business from thieves or looking to catch a neighborhood vandal in the act, high quality outdoor security cameras are essential.

Monitoring Services
Theft can happen at any time of day, which is why having 24-hour monitoring is critical and requisite for any camera in or around the home. The best security camera systems allow you to watch the video feed in real time or playback previous footage on the internet and on your smartphone. While audio-recording capabilities aren't always included, a few cameras utilize audio recording and go one step further by allowing for two-way intercom communication between the camera and an internal speaker.

Security Devices
We dug into the details regarding the specific features that each camera offers, but we also examined them in the context of a total home security package and evaluated the company that sells them. Complete security systems include several additional types of peripherals that help you protect your home from all angles. These include carbon monoxide detectors, motion detectors, heat sensors and several other features. Some services offer home automation, which automatically links your cameras to temperature and smoke sensors and provides an easy way to track and prevent accidents to protect your family and assets. We took all of these aspects of home security systems into account.

Help & Support
You hope that you'll never have to deal with customer support. But in those instances when there is a break-in or malfunctioning equipment, it's an added benefit to be able to reach a service through several different channels. We gave higher rankings to companies that provide support by phone, email and live chat. This category can make or break your experience with a security system.

Choosing a home surveillance system can be complicated. Finding a security camera will help you monitor your home, but we found that it is more efficient to fully protect your loved ones and valuables with a complete security service that will safeguard you against every danger that could enter your home.

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