If you were asked to name security companies, ADT would likely be one of the first to come to your mind. As the largest and oldest home security company in the United States, it has monitoring stations across the country and sells a variety of security devices and surveillance cameras. Most other home security businesses compare themselves to ADT because of this dominance. ADT is transparent about contracts, service agreements and has excellent customer service.

There's a reason why ADT ranks low in our review: It doesn’t disclose information about equipment pricing and security packages other than stating the equipment they offer. Other home security companies gave us this information in phone calls, live chats and emails. In contrast, ADT requires in-home assessments and credit checks in order to provide this type of information. We gave ADT partial credit because we were unable to confirm our research directly with them.

ADT has one advantage over every other security camera system in our review – the company offers unlimited cloud video storage as part of its security camera services. This is superior to the industry average of less than 1GB. ADT offers four security camera options that we could confirm based on documentation in the support section of the company's website. These cameras come in two options: indoor and outdoor.

Security camera service with ADT requires Pulse Video Service monitoring, which is a premium-level plan. We could find no mention of pan-and-tilt cameras or image sensors in the ADT marketing literature. The outdoor camera offers a night vision range of 25 feet, which isn't as capable as other security cameras in our review.

With ADT Pulse, you have control over your security camera system. This means you can turn on lights or integrate security cameras with motion sensors so that the camera records any movement detected during specific hours. You can verify that your children are home by setting the security camera to record motion from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. on school days, for example. ADT's equipment is comprehensive, but we don't have details on the company's security packages.

ADT provides customer service by phone, email and live chat. If your cameras or detectors require repairs, you can schedule a repair technician to visit your home. Even with ADT's lifetime warranty, you pay for each maintenance visit, which is common in the home security industry, especially if you require frequent visits.

ADT Summary:

As we mentioned previously, ADT requires a commitment to a credit check and an in-home assessment before it reveals pricing and equipment package details. This lack of transparency only slightly detracts from ADT's excellent array of home security cameras. In any case, ADT is very capable of protecting your home and family from a variety of hazards.

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ADT has unlimited cloud video storage, the best in our review.

If the company offers security packages, this information is not public.

The Verdict:

ADT's Pulse Video Service is competitive with a great selection of sensors and cameras, though it doesn't reveal much information about its system on the company website.