This product has been discontinued.

Even though Clover’s security camera system is toward the bottom of our comparison, it is still a solid video surveillance system capable of protecting your home or small business. The feature set of the DVR is comparable to some of our higher-rated kits.It is more difficult to use than the other products we reviewed and its customer support is disappointing. However, even with its shortcomings, this video surveillance system performs well enough to be in our review.

This product comes with a basic set of four color-enabled security cameras, bringing it in line with its competition. The cameras have a slightly lower resolution than the majority of security cameras we reviewed, sliding in with a resolution of 640 x 448. This places the image quality produced by these devices at just below the quality offered by a standard DVD. Still, this picture will provide you with sufficient definition to monitor the premises at work or at home.

The Clover DVR contains all of the features that our top two home security camera systems boast, with the exception of a compatible mobile app. The large 500GB hard drive, the TV and VGA monitor compatibility, and the ability to transfer video feeds via a network are all present here. Unfortunately, this DVR does not offer H.264 compression, cutting the available recording time down significantly. A mobile app or an included monitor would help this system perform better in our rankings.

Ease of use is not one of Clover’s strong suits. We found this home surveillance camera system to be one of the least intuitive systems we reviewed. It has the occasional difficulty in setup and use, and it is not supported by any documentation in the form of a user manual or an online FAQs section. Since it has two dome cameras and two bullet cameras, it is less easy to customize than some of the pure bullet camera systems in our lineup, as the dome cameras must remain indoors to be functional.

A unique support feature offered by Clover is their installation instruction video. This is a generic, helpful video designed to make installation as easy as possible. It is an all-purpose instructional presentation, however, so you will not find information specific to this model. A FAQs section is theoretically present on their website, but it contains no information regarding this system. You can contact Clover via email or phone if you have any questions.

Clover Summary:

Even though Clover’s security camera system underperforms in usability and customer service, it still maintains a respectable feature set and an array of decent cameras. You will be on your own to troubleshoot if you purchase this video surveillance system, but the kit will deliver high-quality video feeds in a closed circuit or over a network. If you’re looking for a system that is easier to use or is backed by more robust customer support, take a look at some of our top-ranked models.


Clover PAC4410

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Clover's system has a respectable feature set.

This home security camera system is lacking in usability and customer service.

The Verdict
: 6.75/10

This is a worthwhile system if you're familiar with electronics of this type.