SVAT surveillance cameras have nearly every camera and DVR feature we look for. With them, you can implement 24-hour recording at high frame rates with a 720 x 480 resolution. The hard drive that comes as part of this home security kit holds 500GB of video and is very compatible with mobile devices. You can get email alerts at any time and view the captured footage online.

When it comes to finding a DIY security camera setup, SVAT electronics provides one of the best systems that have a wide variety of customer support options. You can install this system on your own, but it is not as easy as it promotes itself to be. Thankfully, the main SVAT site has several FAQs and walkthroughs to make installation simpler.

SVAT's video surveillance system records in color during the day and automatically switches to black and white when it gets dark and adjusts the settings to give you the clearest picture. We expect home security cameras to have built-in infrared LEDs. This feature is listed as night vision on our matrix, and cameras with this feature record your home with great clarity when it is most vulnerable to break-ins. SVAT's cameras do have night vision, but they can only capture up to 15 feet from the lens. That is enough to record a single room, but it's not a great outdoor range.

To further preserve energy and the home security camera system's hard drive space, these security cameras utilize motion-detection technology to activate recording. You can choose to allow this function to turn your cameras on when a large enough object trips the sensors. This conserves energy to the camera and storage space on the DVR's hard drive. The SVAT motion sensors can be a bit oversensitive at times, triggering when a car on the street passes too close to the sensors, for example, but in the end, this function improves the overall system.

The home surveillance system's DVR is compatible with both computer monitors and television screens via its included VGA connectors. It includes multiple ports, allowing you to connect two televisions and a VGA monitor simultaneously. The usefulness of this feature is limited, however; setting up multiple observation points on each screen would be impractical because it would require a copious number of extension cords. Still, you can choose to split the video feed into sections, allowing you to assign a camera to each attached monitor. This larger view of each home surveillance camera's viewpoint may help you more accurately identify a thief.

SVAT's compatibility with mobile devices is impressive. With SVAT surveillance cameras, you can download mobile apps for iPhone and BlackBerry but not for devices that use the Windows Mobile or Android operating systems. Even with its limited set of options, this feature is exceptionally useful. The DVR's feeds are network-transferrable, which means that you can watch the feeds on a compatible mobile device and from any computer with an internet connection. SVAT makes it easy to monitor your home or business from any location.

SVAT provides customer support for its home security camera systems via a variety of avenues, including the rare and useful live chat option. This support option was occasionally offline when the company's website stated that it should be operational, but we were still able to use the feature and obtain answers to a few generic questions. If the option is not available when you need help, you can also access telephone and email support on the website. Product documentation is present in an online FAQs section and in the included user manual.

SVAT Summary:

The SVAT video surveillance kit is one of the best security camera systems we were able to identify. With exceptional security cameras, a solid set of DVR features and great customer service, you'll find that this do-it-yourself kit is a great system if you're not looking for a complete monitoring service. If you're looking for an affordable surveillance solution for your home or business, SVAT may be the system for you.


SVAT CV502-4CH-002

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The cameras' infrared LEDs motion sensors conserve energy and storage space on the DVR.

The night vision feature only captures a 15-foot range.

The Verdict
: 5.5/10

There are a few minor flaws in terms of compatibility, but ultimately, this is one of the best DIY CCTV cameras to help you protect your home.